DC/OS Install

The easiest way to install Concord is through DC/OS. With the DC/OS package manager you can install Concord with one command or a single click. To install through the DC/OS CLI just issue the package install command like so:

$ dcos package install concord

If your browsing through the DC/OS universe of supported packages you’ll be able to install Concord with a single click.


Once installed the Concord scheduler will be deployed through marathon. From there, we recommend that users open up a new browser tab and navigate to the mesos-master homepage. By default this URL should be your DC/OS url ending in /mesos. You’ll need this page to track and access logs of operators launched through Concord.

Deploying operators through the DC/OS CLI

After a successful installation you may see a message telling you that the command dcos concord has been installed and is ready for use. At the moment development on integrating the concord CLI with DC/OS is still a work in progress so the command dcos concord is not supported.

In the meantime, you can use the concord CLI for use with DC/OS in a dockerized environment. To get started, ssh into a dcos node, then pull and run our docker image concord/getting_started.

rob@boss-laptop ~ $ dcos node ssh --master-proxy --leader
core@ip-10-0-4-6 ~ $ sudo docker pull concord/getting_started
core@ip-10-0-4-6 ~ $ sudo docker run -i -t concord/getting_started
root@cd3c0e18a583:/# cd /getting-started/cpp && ./compile
root@cd3c0e18a583:/getting-started/cpp# concord deploy word_counter.json

Once inside the dockerized environment, cd into the /getting-started directory and then again into the language of your choice. Once you’re ready, use the deploy command as you normally would. Sensible defaults have already been configured for many commands to work without much manual intervention.

For more information on how to use the Concord CLI click here.

Launching through Marathon

If you have an existing Mesos cluster but do not have DC/OS installed, it is possible to launch Concord through Marathon. The Concord CLI supports a tool for creating a Marathon configuration file. For more information, check out the concord marathon command.