A high performance, real-time event processor on Apache Mesos.

Concord is a distributed stream processing framework built in C++ on top of Apache Mesos, designed for high performance data processing jobs that require flexibility & control.

Dynamic Topology

You can deploy, scale, or kill running jobs without having to hard restart anything. Each job can publish or subscribe to any other jobs at runtime.

Multi-language Support

You can write your jobs in C++, Python, Ruby, Go, Java, or Scala.

Built-in Performance & Metrics

Concord runs 10x more throughput than Apache Storm or Apache Spark at milliseconds latency. You can see it yourself with built-in monitoring for latency, throughput, CPU load, Memory utilization and more.

"There are a lot of stream processing frameworks, but Concord stands out from the crowd: native multi-language support, low latency and an operations-friendly design make it particularly compelling."
"I have yet to see a system like Concord that integrates with Mesos so well to provide full high availability and dynamic task management for stream processing."

"Concord is resolving the key issues of high performance stream processing for today's demanding environments, including throughput, latency, scalability, and ease-of-operational-maintenance."
"Concord provides simple yet very flexible APIs for stream processing. The idea of event-based processing combined with a distributed router inside each executor to achieve high performance is truly unique in the market. The small team behind this project is very agile and have done their homework to get the best ideas from existing technologies and the latest research to differentiate Concord from other streaming engines."

Learn how to create a streaming application with Concord